Fig 4

The biomechanics and implant specificities will be first developed. Then the prosthetic occlusal procedures will be described, followed by the appropriate rules, leading the final balancing of implant restorations. The clinical balancing of the occlusal faces will be shown, taking into account the immobility of implants that amplify the occlusal trauma and requires a very acute balancing without any approximation. The impact of mechanical load on the peri-implant bone, related to the applied occlusal concept, will be developed finally, by comparing the results around implants, of similar concept, with different occlusal balancing concept.
The surgical procedures that are well known nowadays, will not be described.

Fig. E1: The referential of measurement is the threads pitch of 0,9mm. The grid is adjusted on the visible pitch, on a digital X-ray. This method allows to correct easily the possible parallax errors.



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